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How to Win the Next Powerball JackPot!

Surprised Girl Looking at lottery ticket Welcome to How To Win Powerball. New features has been added and old features have been improved. First, The Lucky Powerball Number Generator. The Generator for short, is a database stuffed full of winning combinations. The chance of matching all five numbers when using, The Generator, to pick your numbers, could improve by much as 60 percent. A follow-up report is done after every drawing. See the report below. Next, I've added a Low verses High comparison of the powerball numbers looking back over the last ten drawings. This could help spot a trend or streak. Finally, to help match the powerball, the Most Drawn and Last Drawn pages have been improved.

How to Choose Your Numbers

Numbered White Lottery Balls Some people suffer from anxiety and frustration when it comes to choosing their powerball numbers, so much, that they finally give up and either don't play or they accept the worst possible odds, buying a quick pick. This is where I can help! With the new addition of The Lucky Powerball Number Generator. Next, the best combinations to play. The best group of numbers to play are, three odd and two even numbers. This group has the most combinations of any other group! Next, we will add a second game and choose numbers from the second largest group, three even and two odd numbers. By playing two games, you now cover over 50 percent of all combinations.

The Generator RePort

Welcome to The Generator Report! The Generator, is a database containing over 4.2 million powerball number combinations, made up of carefully selected numbers, number pairs, and number combinations. On the drawing of September 1, 2021, also the debut of The Lucky Powerball Number Generator, The Lucky Powerball Number Generator, had the winning combination matching all five numbers! Thats an impressive showing! When using The Lucky Powerball Number Generator, your odds of matching all five numbers could improve as much as 60 percent! Easy to use and FREE! The Lucky Powerball Number Generator Win more, more often!

Number of Winning Combinations

Draw DateMatch 5

How to Choose the Powerball

Purple dressed WizardNext, the powerball number. To help make it easier to pick a powerball number and spot a trend, divide the powerball numbers into two groups. Low and High. Low numbers are 1-13, and high numbers are 14-26. Now you only have to choose your numbers out of the two groups. To do this, use the Most Drawn , Last Drawn, and the High Low Table below to determine how the powerball numbers are trending. Don't forget to use your intuition, and your gut feeling.

High verses Low Table

This table shows the number of times a High (14 - 26 ) and a Low ( 1 - 13) powerball number has been drawn within the last ten drawings. Use this table with the table above to help select your winning powerball number. This table is dynamic and is automatically updated with every drawing!


Most Recent Eleven Drawings

Below is the last eleven drawing results. Eleven, so that you can see the most current drawing, and ten of the past drawing.

09/22/202120 40 47 55 63 53
09/20/202137 51 54 58 60 192
09/18/20215 36 39 45 57 112
09/15/20211 4 18 46 62 253
09/13/202137 40 50 61 63 213
09/11/202120 31 38 40 49 212
09/08/20219 22 41 47 61 212
09/06/202111 20 22 33 54 242
09/04/202132 35 40 52 54 15
09/01/202110 20 29 48 51 172
08/30/20213 15 45 51 61 82

In Summary

The last word about lottery numbers: mathematically each and every number has the same exact chance of being drawn. Regardless when or how often or not they appear in the list. However, by using your intuition, your gut feeling, and carefully picking your numbers, you may be surprised with your increased winnings. Pay special attention to the powerball number. Matching the powerball number makes you an instant winner. Finally, as one of my good friends once said: "You're just a buck away from becoming the next jackpot winner". Good Luck!

Estimated Jackpot $523 Million

Next Drawing: Saturday, Sept 25, 2021